Planet EarthThe Dark Side of Light

Recommended for ages 10+

The Dark Side of Light

At the planetarium we can clearly admire the beautiful starry sky, the "night" is deep black - like in the great outdoors far away from cities and disturbing light sources. The naturally dark starry sky was also a source of inspiration for our ancestors for thousands of years. Isn't it strange that today we have to travel to remote areas to see it in all its glory?

Especially in cities, the night sky is very bright due to artificial light sources – the stars can hardly be seen. This light pollution not only clouds the view of the stars, but can also irritate and negatively affect plants, animals and people.

Even from space, the many artificial light sources that radiate upwards and are reflected and diffused in the atmospheric layers can be seen.

You can find out why and how we humans disturb our environment through light pollution, what effects it has on us and on nature, and what each of us can do about it in "The Dark Side of Light".

Admission: 12 euros, reduced 7.50 euros. Duration approx. 45 minutes. Recommended for ages 10+.

You can also listen to this show entirely in English via audio service.

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