House Rules of the Planetarium Hamburg

Dear Visitors,

Welcome to the Planetarium Hamburg! We hope you will have a pleasant stay. We kindly ask you to observe the following rules so all visitors can enjoy a great experience at the planetarium.

1. Applicability

(1) These house rules and the fee rules apply to the admission to and to the stay in the planetarium. By entering our building, you bindingly accept our house rules.

(2) We refer to our General Terms and Conditions (GTC) as regards the purchase of tickets, vouchers or other merchandise. Please observe them. The GTC can be viewed on request at the ticket counter or at any time on our website.

(3) The café in the planetarium is leased and falls outside of the scope of these house rules.

2. Opening hours, programme changes, ticket returns

(1) The published opening hours apply. Different opening hours may apply as an exception and these will be announced at the proper time

(2) In case unanticipated events arise, programme changes on short notice and cancellations of presentations may occur unfortunately. If this was to happen, you can choose one of the following options:
- If a replacement show is offered, you can attend it and come to the originally scheduled time to the planetarium, or
- you can get a voucher. You can use this voucher to book a show of your choice at a different time and date, or
- you can get your money refunded.
In either case, please inform us of your decision at the ticket counter or by email to info(at)

(3) You can return (cancel) your ticket on written request up to 24 hours before the start of the show. We reserve charging a fee for this. Please see our GTC for the amount of this fee and details relating to the return of admission tickets.

3. Admission prices and discounts

The admission prices and discounts apply as published. Please see the bulletin boards, the website and in other public notices of the Planetarium Hamburg for the amount of admission prices and discounts.

4. Observation deck

The visit to our observation deck is included in the ticket price. If you only want to visit our observation deck but not see a show, you can purchase a separate ticket for this.

5. Right of undisturbed possession and sanctions

(1) The management of the Planetarium Hamburg has the right of undisturbed possession. The planetarium employees act in the name of the management. They can issue instructions that must be followed by the planetarium visitors.

(2) In the event that you violate the house rules or fail to follow the instructions given by the staff, you can be expelled from the premises and an order to stay away from the premises may be issued against you.

6. Code of conduct

(1) Please do not harass, obstruct or endanger any other visitors by your conduct.

(2) Exhibits must not be touched nor accessed, unless signs indicate otherwise.

(3) You must not enter any non-public areas of the planetarium, unless the Planetarium Hamburg staff explicitly asks you to do so.

(4) Phone calls are permitted only outside of the planetarium projection hall and mobile phones are to be muted during your stay. The use of mobile phones in the projection hall is generally prohibited during shows.

(5) Consuming food and beverages is not permitted in the projection hall.

(6) There is a general smoking prohibition in the entire building of the planetarium including observation deck.

(7) The use of sports equipment such as skateboards, scooters, etc. is prohibited.

(8) Please stay exclusively on the landscaped paths in the outdoor area.

(9) Written approval from the management is required for any visitor activities that go beyond business as usual (e.g., selling merchandise, advertising and promotions, appending posters, displaying materials, conducting surveys, and film, photo and video shootings of any kind).

(10) It is prohibited to carry weapons, items similar to weapons and dangerous goods.

(11) Visitors are liable for expenses and damages caused by their conduct.

(12) Wastes must be disposed in the receptacles intended for this purpose. Please ensure that you leave your seats in clean condition and do not leave any items behind.

7. Supervision duty, children

(1) You must also comply with your supervision duty on our premises. We do not assume any supervision duty, which is why you as the parent or legal guardian continue to have responsibility for the persons entrusted to your care.

(2) We announce the recommended ages for our shows as guidance to parents or legal guardians or other accompanying persons.

(3) Children under the age of 12 years may visit our shows only when accompanied by adults.

8. No late admission on belated arrival

As soon as a show has started, no further admission can be granted anymore to the planetarium projection hall for safety reasons. This also applies to persons, who exit the projection hall during the show.

9. Dogs

It is permitted to bring dogs to the lower level (ground floor) of the Planetarium Hamburg. Bringing dogs to the upper floors or to the shows is not permitted. Exceptions from this are licensed therapeutic dogs, which may also be taken to the shows.

10. Property, coat check and lockers

(1) Entries and exits, as well as escape and rescue routes must always be kept clear.

(2) Bicycles, e-scooters, large or bulky items and other property obstructing the planetarium business must not be brought inside the planetarium. Bicycles and e-scooters must be parked in designated areas in front of the planetarium.

(3) You can use available lockers for your bags, backpacks, suitcases or items of clothing or the coat check free of charge for the duration of your stay. Jackets and small bags (no larger than a DIN A3 page) may be brought into the projection hall.

(4) The planetarium is only liable for the locker contents, clothing, equipment or other items brought to the premises or lost, damaged or stolen property in cases of gross negligence or intent. This also applies to the coat check.

(5) We handle items left behind in the lockers and the coat check outside of the opening hours as lost-and-found items in accordance with Sec. 978 BGB [German Civil Code]. This does not apply to unhygienic or perishable materials, in particular leftover food, which will be disposed.

11. Lost-and-found items

(1) Items that are found on the premises of the planetarium (lost-and-found items) are to be dropped off with the planetarium staff.

(2) Loss of property must be reported to the planetarium staff without delay. If the loss should be noticed only at a later time, please contact us by email at info(at) with a detailed description of the lost item.

(3) Lost-and-found items will first be registered by the Planetarium Hamburg and then be retained for 6 months. If the loss of an item is not reported to the planetarium or not collected within this period, this item will be transferred to Zentrales Fundbüro Hamburg [Central Lost-and-Found Office Hamburg] after this period has ended (Altona District Office – Central Lost-and-Found Office, Bahrenfelder Straße 254-260, 22765 Hamburg). In that case, we will no longer be responsible for the lost-and-found items and the rules of the Central Lost-and-Found Office Hamburg will apply to the handling of lost-and-found items. If the loss value is below 10 euros, the item will not be accepted by the Central Lost-and-Found Office. We reserve disposing of the lost item in such case.

(4) For the rest, the regulations of Sec. 978 seqq. BGB apply analogously.

12. Suggestions and complaints

You are welcome to give us tips or tell us about your wishes and complaints at any time by sending an email to info(at) or by telling a staff member. We take your concerns very seriously and work toward processing them promptly.

13. Audio guides and miscellaneous

(1) There are audio guides available at the Planetarium Hamburg for some of the shows, by means of which you can listen to what is being said in other languages. It should be noted about this that the live moderated part will not be translated. Please see the information about each show to find out which languages are available. The audio guide is included in the ticket price.

(2) Analogue and digital group recordings of public shows can be published as part of Planetarium Hamburg public relations activities. You consent to such recordings by attending the shows.

(3) Please notice the GTC of the Planetarium Hamburg before you purchase tickets, vouchers or other items. Please also see our GTC under Section 2 for the provisions regarding ticket cancellations and the use of vouchers.


Taking force
The house rules take force on the day of their publication. They are available for viewing at the ticket counter.

Hamburg, on 22/11/2023
The Management of the Planetarium Hamburg